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Hi, my name is Jennifer Han. I am an enthusiast about designing human-centered technology to create experiences that delight. I am passionate about the ways in which the realms of HCI, technology, and design blend and interact with each other. 


I have a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University. I did additional Minors in Human-Computer Interaction and Film & Media Studies. Outside of my studies, I was Chief Marketing Officer of the Student Body Cabinet and involved in the Undergraduate Consulting Group.


Outside of work, I love to paint, read immensely, and play tennis. As an avid film lover, I host a weekly film podcast called The Strategic Whimsy Experiment. I am a big traveler and major foodie, and they often go wonderfully hand-in-hand. I come from a small family, so time with my parents is treasured.

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Martian Music Invasion

Martian Music Invasion is a digital educational music game designed to teach elementary school children how to read music notes on a musical staff. Our mission is to leverage emerging technology to ignite children’s motivation to learn, increase education gains, and create a rich environment of engagement and inspiration through the power of digital gameplay.

Martian Music Invasion’s unique and highly-integrated research methodology is the foundation of our entire design process. Our work in creating Martian Music Invasion is focused on better understanding the effects of curiosity on gameplay and learning in children. We implemented a research study with 150+ elementary school students in Pittsburgh, PA to explore the relationship between curiosity and learning gains. This game emerged from a passion for music and igniting a love for music in the next generation.


Oil on canvas.


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Email at jennifer.han266@gmail.com.

Call at (267) 205-3291.